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Monkey Grip Tru-Flate M8836 Slotted Tire Valve Cap Monkey Grip M4150 Snap-In Tire Valve Monkey Grip M4180 Snap-In Tire Valve
Heavy duty, nickel plated. Complete with airtight rubber gasket seal. Handy core driver top removes and installs old cores. Fits all tubeless tire rims. Special ozone resistant rubber compound prevents premature deterioration due to compression and hot or cold conditions. Free floating insert and tapering end give "ball-and-socket" action. Complete with cap and core. Maximum inflation pressure 60 PSI. For .625" rim holes. Do not use on rims that exceed .156" thickness. Fits all tubeless tire rims. Special ozone resistant rubber compound prevents premature deterioration due to compression and hot or cold conditions. Free floating insert and tapering end give "ball-and-socket" action. Complete with cap and core. Maximum inflation pressure 60 PSI. For .453" rim holes.
Monkey Grip 22-5-08820-M Tire Plug Refill Monkey Grip 22-5-08819-M Tubeless Tire Repair Kit Monkey Grip Tru-Flate M4134 Snap-In Tire Valve
For tubeless tires, 5 repair plugs, 7" long. Tubeless tire kit allows repair of truck tires without deflating or removing. Kit contains 5 repair plugs, 6.25" long, T-handle insert tool, T-handle rasp tool and 1 oz rubber cement. Bright chrome plated sleeve and hex nut design used to dress up fancy wheels or wheel covers. Designed for passenger cars requiring high pressures. Maximum inflation pressure 60 PSI. For .453" rim holes.
Reesee 7033400 Frame Jack Hopkins 11909/11905 Automotive Rhino Ramp Bloomfield HL-484 Hi Lift Jack
For lifting, pulling, clamping and spreading on tractors and 4-wheel drive vehicles. 36" steel handle provides leverage for application of 3-1/2 tons of force. Top clamp clevis can be moved to any position on the steel upright for clamping purposes. Sturdy, durable, allows safe access to underside of vehicle. 17 degree incline for low clearance vehicles. Core-Trac non-skid feet. Durable structural foam plastic design. For agriculture, automotive, offroad, hardware, industrial and DIY uses. Multi purpose, for lifting, winching and clamping. Low pick-up with lifting nose only 4-1/2'' from bottom of base plate. 4-1/2'' lifting nose for safe, positive contact with load. 28 square inch base plate for extra stability. Complete with adjustable top clamp clevis for use in clamping and winching. For speedy disengaging, lifting unit automatically drops away when load is removed. Safety bolt is designed to shear at 7,000 pounds. Approximate weight 30 pounds.
Mintcraft JL-AT-TGCW10123L 4-Way SAE Lug Wrench Mintcraft T010704 Hydraulic Bottle Jack Flotool Trailer Safe Lightweight Trailer Block and Chock
Forged and chrome plated for durability. Heavy-duty, wide base for stability, serrated saddle for slip resistance. Adjustable top screw for additional height variation. Precision-machined hydraulic assembly and ram post. Long steel pump handle for easy pumping action and extra leverage. Safety overload valve. Made of sturdy light-weight structural foam, optimizes weight-bearing capacity. Portable accessory for any boat trailer, RV, stock trailer, camper, utilities trailers, etc. 17.75" x 6.5" x 4.5", 1.37 pounds.
Mintcraft T070103 Commercial Floor Jack Radiator Specialty M1118/6 Tire Sealant Vulcan YTL06202 Creeper
Swivel caster, 360-degree for easy rolling. Line bypass prevents over pumping. Rust resistant, baked enamel finish for durability. 2-ton offers 4,000 lb. capacity/5-1/8" to 13-3/4" lifting range; and 2-1/2-ton offers 5,000 lb. capacity/5-5/16" to 19-5/16" lifting range. Instant tire repair in a formula designed specifically for passenger car tires. Quick, safe, and easy to use with no cleanup. Contains no hydrocarbon gas or dimethyl ether. Heavy-duty powder coated metal frame. Six 2-1/2" swivel casters for easy maneuverability. Oil and chemical resistant vinyl cover. Fully padded headrest for extra comfort.
Monkey Grip EZ Patch Repair Kit Monkey Grip EZ Bicycle Patch Repair Kit Monkey Grip M8814 Patch Repair Kit
Includes: 3 - 1" x 1", 2 - 1" x 2", 1 - 2" x 3" rubber patches, buffer and 1/2 oz. of rubber cement. Contains 3 - 1" x 1" and 1 - 2" x 3" rubber patches and 3/8 oz. rubber cement and buffer. For all rubber repairs. Includes 24 - 1" x 1", 4 - 1" x 2" and 1 - 4" x 6" rubber patches and 1 oz. of rubber cement.
Monkey Grip M8831 Short Valve Core Monkey Grip M8835 4-Way Valve Tool Monkey Grip M8837 Hexagonal Tire Valve Cap
Short length, standard bore, 200 psi. Removes core, taps internal and external threads, and reams internal bore. Protects valve core, prevents air leaks. Standard size. .305" diameter, 32 thread.
Monkey Grip M8840 Tire Valve Extension Monkey Grip M8830 Dome Tire Valve Cap Victor M8805 Plug Refill Kit
Chrome plated brass, 60 psi maximum. Fits all tires. Easy to install. Permanent repair for all steel belted radial and bias-ply tires.
Plews 17-551 Tire Gauge Monkey Grip M8802 Radial Tire Repair Kit Slime Classic 4060-A Tire Patch Kit
Professional type dial in a drawn steel casing with a nickel brass chuck. Easy to read dial calibrated to 10 to 60 PSI in 1 pound increments and 50 to 400 kPa in 10 kPa increments. Automatic reset. Pressure release valve. For passenger cars, vans and light trucks. Repairs all tubeless tire including steel belted. 4 tough 4" repair strings. Contains a closed eye inserting needle. Easy to follow instructions. Includes: two .41 oz. rubber cement tubes, twenty 1 inch patches, three 1 x 2 inch patches, one 2 x 4 inch patch and a metal scuffer.
Tru Flate 17-509 Standard Tire Gauge Tru Flate 17-517 Tire Gauge Plews 17-525 Dual Foot Tire Gauge
No.17-509 standard tire gauge. 10 to 50 pounds - Use for passenger cars, light trucks and vans. Calibrated two sides 10- 50 PSI in one pound unit and 70-350 kPa in 10 kPa units. No.17-519 truck tire gauge. 20 to 120 pounds - For all higher pressure applications on lightweight trucks (1/2 to 2-1/2 tons), step vans, pickups and air shocks. Calibrated two sides 20-120 PSI in two pound units and two sides 140-820 kPa in 20 kPa units. For air and liquid filled tires. Includes special oiling and cleaning features to clean out corrosive fluids. For tractors, heavy equipment, farm and construction vehicles. Calibrated 5-45 PSI in one pound units. For use on dual wheels and other difficult to reach valves. Short enough to fit in your pocket yet has a wide enough range to handle both cars and trucks. Calibrated 20 to 120 PSI in 2 pound units and from 140 to 820 kPa in 20 kPa units.
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