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spsfence HD11040RP Tension Band spsfence HD13040RP Regular Brace Band Zareba MP-1933 Electric Fence Insulators
Used on chain link fencing. Regular brace band for chain link fence. Small screw-in insulator.
spsfence HD05010RP DC Rail End spsfence HD02020RP Post Cap spsfence HD04021RP DC Eye Top
For chainlink fencing. Heavy DC cap for chainlink fencing. For chain link fencing.
spsfence HD27111RP End Rail Clamp Fishock A-48B Fence Post Fishock A-48 Step-In Fence Post
Used to join two pieces of 1-3/8'' tubing at a 90 degree angle. Requires the use of one (578.0556) 5/16'' x 1-1/4'' long carriage bolt and nut. Model clips hold electric fence wire and polytape (up to 2" wide). Molded of reinforced polypropylene with a heavy-duty steel stake. Extra reinforcing ribs for strength. Features large step-in flange and anti-rotation spike to keep stake from turning. Includes 8 wire holders. Heavy duty fence post keeps your property protected. Molded clips to hold electric fence wire and poly tape (up to 2" wide. Each 4' post molded from reinforced polypropylene with a heavy-duty steel stake.
CMC CLIPS T-Post Fastener spsfence HD02040RP Post Cap Zareba MP-1929 Electric Fence Insulators
Designed for easy attachment to t-posts. Coated with Class I galvanizing. Heavy DC cap for chainlink fencing. Large screw-in insulator.
Fi-Shock ICY-FS Electric Fence Insulators spsfence HD21010RP Frame Hinge spsfence HD42040RP Bullet Cap 2-3/8 in W
For firmly securing an electrified wire to corner posts without losing energy through the post. Formed of thick, tough plastic. Can withstand the strain of wire at corner of electrified fence. For 9-22 gauge high-tensile steel wire and aluminum wire, all polywire (regular and heavy duty), and polyrope up to 1/4" in diameter. Can use on chain link fence. For chainlink fence. For chain link fence terminal post connecting into top rail.
spsfence HD20010RP Fence Sleeve Parker Mccrory 716 Step-In Posts Fi-Shock GHPO-FS Electric Fence Gate Handles
Joins lengths of top rail. Super tough fiberglass reinforced electric fence post. Unique step-in design with adjustable insulators that can be used with Baygard wire, Bayshock wire or Baygard HV tape. Designed for improved strength. Complete with 4 versatile insulators that can accept wire, tape and rope. Weather resistant. Non conductive and lightweight. Molded of tough, high quality plastic with shockproof thickness for safe handling protection.
spsfence HD42041RP 1-Way Bullet Cap spsfence HD42042RP 2-Way Bullet Cap Fi-Shock PA1TS-FS Polytape Buckle Splicer
For chain link fence terminal post connecting into top rail. For chain link fence terminal post connecting into top rail. Connects 1" polytape to the end insulators to reach all of your fence posts.
Zareba ICY-RS/YTRC10 Red SnapR Electric Fence Insulators Fi-Shock PAHTS-FS Polytape Splicer Fi-Shock ITY-FS Electric Fence Insulators
Made of virgin, high impact polyethylene. Designed for quick, easy installation. For use with heavy gauge wire and barbed wire. For splicing polytape up to 1/2" wide. Allows for fast, secure joining of polytape rolls. Connects one polytape to another without losing juice. Standard, snug fitting T-post insulator. For fastening electrified wire to the post without losing energy through the post. Fits securely on standard (1.25 or 1.33) studded T-posts. One molded piece; needs no hardware. Yellow. Bag of 25.
Zareba HT4FT125/500-540T Electric Fence Insulators Zareba HTTT/300-309 Electric Fence Wire Bending Tool Fi-Shock WC-100 Fence Wire
Ridged design enables the staple to lock without penetrating insulator profile. Made of non-conductive polyethylene. Used to wrap MG spacer clips No.400-430T to wire while securing poly spacer posts No.200-260. Also used for twisting 12.5, 11 and 9-gauge wire. 125 to 145 Breaking Load Limit.
Fi-Shock PAHTE-FS Polytape End Connector Jackson Wire 14025845 Light Duty Fence U-Post spsfence HD10030RP Tension Bar
Connects 1/2" polytape to another without losing power so you can reach distant electric fence posts. Use at the ends of polytape for dead-ending or gate handle connections. Durable, poly-coated steel. Bolt 2 posts together for extra support. Special channel construction for maximum strength. Fencing should be one foot shorter than posts for proper fence to post tab alignment when installed. Tension bar for chainlink fence.
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