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Jarden 01234 Diamond Forster Clothespins Homebasix HEA00043G-N Clothes Hanger Sets CLOTHESPIN PLASTIC SPRING 50PK
80mm spring-type. Package of assorted colors: blue, pink, green, and white. Homebasix Clothes Hanger, 2 Clip, Heavy Duty, Wood, Natural, For Large and Oversize Garments Holds up to 10lbs. per clip. Weather resistant. Plastic construction. Heavy gauge wire, withstand repeated use. Dimensions: 3.25 in L x .625 in W x .375 in H. Multicolored: yellow, green, red and blue.
The natural, chemical-free solution for soft, wrinkle-free clothing. Can be used for infants or those with allergies, these won't leave behind residue that can be harmful to your dryer or your sensitive skin. Increases drying time by lifting and separating fabrics. Set of 2 dryers balls will soften up to 1000 loads of laundry. Imagine never buying dryer sheets again. Hold up to 10lbs. per clip. Rust and moisture resistant. Birch hardwood construction. Heavy-duty spring. Heavy gauge wire withstands repeated use. Classic design. Features a metal hanging hook that keeps clothespins close at hand. Made from 100-percent cotton. This bag has reinforced seams and plastic insert in the rim for durability under heavy use. Holds 150-200 clothespins. White. Dimensions: 11 in H x 10 in W.
CLOTHESPINS WD BAG 84MM 50PC  Lehigh 7097-12 Clothesline Tightener Homebasix HEA00045G-N Clothes Hangers
Size 3-3/8"L x 3/4"W x 3/8"H. Stops line from sagging. Hardened ball bearings. Will not rust clothes line. For clothesline plastic cord and wire 1/8" to 5/16". Size: 44(L) x 25.5(W) x 4.4(Max.T) cm
Homebasix HEA00046G Clothes Hangers HANGER SUIT WD NATURAL PREMIUM Homebasix HEA00045G Clothes Hangers
Size: 44(L) x 25.5(H) x 4.4(Max.T) cm Size: 44(L) x 25.5(H) x 4.4(Max.T) cm Size: 44(L) x 25.5(W) x 4.4(Max.T) cm
BAG LAUNDRY SHOULDER 24X36 BLU Homebasix HEA00043G Clothes Hanger Sets BSKT LNDRY 24X17-3/8X10-3/8IN
For going all the way to the Laundromat or just down the hall. Sturdy, washable nylon material lets clothing breathe and helps keep mildew at bay. The drawstring closure prevents spilling and doubles as a carrying strap making this laundry bag quick and easy to transport. Use alone, as a replacement bag for most hampers or sorters, or as a wash bag for larger items such as linens. Clear pocket for ID and necessities. Hangs for convenient loading. Homebasix Clothes Hanger, 2 Clip, Heavy Duty, Wood, Mahogany, For Large and Oversize Garments 1.5 bushel capacity. Contoured grip surfaces. Classic design. Color: White
Homebasix HEA00040G Clothes Hanger Sets POLE PROP CLOTHESLINE         Homebasix HEA00040G-N Clothes Hanger Sets
Size: 44.5(L) x 22.7(W) x 1.1 plus- minus 0.5(T) cm Use to keep the clothesline from sagging and comforters, towels, and clothing up and off the ground. Use one prop for every 15 to 20 feet of line. Works from 44" to 69", locks tight at any length. Aluminum finish, weather resistant. Size: 44.5(L) x 22.7(W) x 1.1 plus- minus 0.5(T) cm
Rubbermaid FG296585ROYBL Laundry Basket Behrens BWBG7 Washboards CLOTHESLINE 40FT RETRACTABLE
Will not sag or buckle. Smooth inside finish will not snag laundry. Durable, rugged construction can handle heavy loads. Traditional. Durable wood frame. Galvanized scrub surface For those who want the freshness of line dried clothes and linens without the permanent, in-yard solution. Designed for wall mounting. Vinyl line quickly reels up when not in use. Sturdy bracket is made from rust-resistant steel. Dimensions: 6.7 in L x 5.5 in W x 2 in H.
Use to hang lingerie up to 12 pieces in a square foot of space. Features a convenient hanging hook that fits on a closet bar or shower rod. Chrome finish. Rust-resistant. Folds flat and stores easily when not in use. Re-purpose and use for drying other items such as herbs or flowers. Dimensions: 4.75 in L x 11.75 in W x 6 in H. Chrome. Designed for frequent use. Scorch and stain-resistant. Incorporates a 4-millimeter thick fiber pad. Sure-Fit elastic banding ensures a snug fit on all standard 54" boards. 100-percent cotton fabric, long lasting and colorfast silicone coating, for smooth ironing surface. Dimensions: 54 in L x 15 in W x .2 in H. Provides hanging space in an instant for the bathroom, laundry area, balcony, or dorm. Features easy, automatic retraction to reel up the 8-foot braided nylon line into a compact, stainless steel and iron housing. Locks tight. Dimensions: 96 in L x 3.75 in W x 3.75 in H. 2.8m retractable reel clothesline without pulley.
Use on table top for small homes, apartments, dorm rooms, or the office. Cloth cover. White powder coat finish. Black cap on bottom of the legs. Dimensions: 31 in L x 12 in W x 3.1 in H. Beautiful, soft, and durable, this clothes hanger is contoured to keep shirts, dresses, jackets, and pants perfectly wrinkle-free. Features a 360 degree chrome, swivel rod hook to hang items easily on any closet rod, towel bar, or standard size door. Durable metal construction provides strength, reliability, and long-lasting beauty. Soft velvet coating is gentle on delicate garments and provides a non-slip surface that holds fabrics beautifully in place. Slim, space-saving design makes the most use of available hanging space. Dimensions: 17.75 In L x .27 In W x 9.5 In H. Designed with carry shoulder strap. Reinforced seams will stand up to all of the laundry you can fit in the duffel. A zippered pocket on the outside is for storing change, dryer sheets, or a stain stick. Rope style drawstring on the top of the bag ensures you will lose no clothing while carrying your laundry back and forth. Black/white.
Ham.Beach/Proctor Silex 17291 Traditions Steam Iron HAMPER LAUNDRY WHEELED WHITE  HAMPER MESH POP OPEN LRG BLK
Adjustable steam settings, Temperature control dial, On/Off indicator light. Push spray button to release a fine spray of water for difficult wrinkles in cotton or linen. Smooth gliding wheels. Retractable pull handle. Integrated handles on each side. Flip-top lid. White lid & base with titanium handle & wheels. Use to keep clothes off of the floor and your space neat and clean. Long carrying handles for transporting clothes to the laundry room, Laundromat, or dry cleaner. Large black mesh hamper pops-up to open and easily compresses flat when not in use. Hook-style clasps keep the hamper compressed while in storage. The mesh material provides ventilation allowing worn clothes to breathe and reducing unpleasant odors and mildew. Spiral steel frame. Dimensions: 18.5 in L x  18.5 in W x  23.6 in H.
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