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DOUGH SCRAPER                 Chef Craft 20746 Ice Cream Scoops BRUSH PASTRY NATURAL
With header. Curved & straight scraping edges. Blister pack. Top rack dishwasher safe. Natural bristles, wood handle. Blister pack.
SPOONS MEASURING              Chef Craft 20163 Jumbo Spatula COFFEE MEASURE SS 1/8IN DIA
With header. Flexible rubber blade. Formed plastic handle. Not for high temperature use. Includes metric equivalents.
Chef Craft 20632 High Temperature Spatula Chef Craft 20732 Peelers CUP MEASURING 1 CUP
Silicone rubber blade, wood handle. Blister pack. Size: The spatula, which includes the rubber blade and wood handle  is 11-1/2"L x 2-1/2"W; the rubber blade is 2-1/2"W x 4"L. Black nylon handle. Carbon steel blade. Hang card. U.S. and metric markings. Clear plastic display card.
CLIP BREAD AND BAGLE          Chef Craft 21042 Large Salt and Pepper Shaker Chef Craft 20285 Slotted Cookie Spatula
Use for closing plastic bags. Blister pack. Large size. For table or stove use. Stainless steel working end, wood handle. Hang card.
Chef Craft 20639 Stir Fry Spatula CUPS MEASURING                CORK SCREWS
Genuine bamboo. Includes 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup. Dishwasher safe. Chef Craft Corkscrew, Wood Handle
BAG CLIP ASSORTED COLORS LG   Jarden 40501 Ball Jar Salt and Pepper Shaker CUP MEASURING 1 CUP
Large bag clips with rubber tips. 4 colors. Use for closing bags of potato chips, pretzels, corn chips , and candy. Salt and pepper shakers shaped like a classic Ball canning jar. Standard and metric markings, plastic, clear.
Chef Craft 20493 Funnel Set Chef Craft 20488 Spatula Set CORN HOLDERS YELLOW 6PC
White plastic polybag with header. Sizes: 2", 3", 4", and 5". E.V.A. blades, polypropylene handle. Jumbo Corn Holders. Classic yellow, 6 piece soft.
Chef Craft 20473 Basters Chef Craft 26710 Whisk CLIPS MAGNETIC 2 PC
Nylon tube, gray bulb. Polybag with header. Stainless steel whisk. Chef Craft Magnetic Clip, 3 in Width, For Closing Plastic Bags, Food Stays Fresh Longer With this Clamp that Tightly Seals Bread, Food and Chip Bags
BAG CLIP MINI 2PC             Chef Craft 12131 Slotted Spoon CUP MEASURING 2 CUP
Chef Craft Bag Clip, Mini, Rubber Tips, Blue-Green, For Closing Bags Of Chips and Cereal Select nylon slotted spoon, red handle. U.S. and metric markings. Clear plastic display card.
Chef Craft 20722 Paper? Towel Holder Chef Craft 12130 Basting Spoon Chef Craft 12111 Slotted Long Turner
With header. Select nylon basting spoon, red handle. Select nylon, long slotted turner 12". Red Handle
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