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Thickness: 1.2mm - body, 1mm - handle. Stainless steel squeegee with ergonomic rubber grip. Complete with "S" channel and ErgoTec soft rubber. Non-slip rubber grip ideal for all weather conditions. Features a fast lock for quick channel changes. Fits onto all Unger poles. Tackles the toughest cleaning jobs. Ideal for baked-on messes and cleaning cast-iron.
Acme BS915 Cleaning Sponge BRUSH SIDING POLYFBR TRIM 9IN Unger 962680 Professional Dryer Vent Brush
Made with Estracell-S sponge material which provides a highly durable sponge that quickly floods exterior surfaces with soapy water, loosens dirt without scratching your clear coat finish and rinses fast. 1-7/8''L fiber for cleaning siding, shutters and wooden trim. Fits all standard tapered and threaded handles. Resin flow-thru block. Flexible, protective coated wire shaft prevents scratching on surfaces. Removes lint and fuzz build-up that cause allergies and fires. Ideal for washers, dryers, heating vents and radiators. Dimensions: 29.5"L x 2.75"W x 1.5"D.
Unger 965620 Telescopic Window Cleaning Kit Unger 92149 Duster BRUSH GONG PRO 20IN
Eliminates the need for a ladder. Includes a 2 in 1, 12" microfiber scrubber/squeegee and a 5'  telescopic pole with a foam grip. Overall Dimensions: 39.75"L x 11"W x 3.88"D. Weight is 1 lb. Natural lambs wool attracts and holds dust without chemicals. Remove dust from vaulted ceilings, ceiling fans, mini blinds, furniture, and more. Dusting head bends to clean hard-to-reach surfaces. Threads to Unger nylon cone. Use with Total-Reach 11' Tele-Pole. For scrubbing tires, trash cans, buckets, siding and window frames. Convenient hang-up hole.
Unger 961830 Total Reach Window Squeegees DUSTPAN/BRUSH SET             Unger 960630 Straight Floor Squeegee
For windows, mirrors and auto glass. Cleans fast with less streaking. Comfort grip handle. Must be used with Unger pole and adapter. Flagged fibers on brush gather small particles. All plastic construction will not rust or crack. Brush locks in full-size dust pan to keep set together. Convenient hang-up feature. Features a pivoting aluminum channel with black rubber that is exchangeable and can be used from 2 sides. Handle socket provides optimum channel pivoting push-pull action and is designed for use with Total Reach extension poles.
Swiffer 41767 Duster Refill Mr Longarm 8689 Telescopic Deck Brush Lysol Dual Action 1920081145 Disinfecting Wipe
Soft, fluffy duster cloth refill with fibers that grab dirt and lock it away. Use with duster kit No.44750 (sku 531.8241) or No. 40509 (sku 949.5516). Brush cleans under rails and gets into corners. Attaches to a standard garden hose. Handle adjusts 3 to 5 feet. On/off valve adjusts water flow. Non-slip rubber hand grip. Anodized aluminum resists rust. Cleans wood, stone, concrete, brick, tile, composites and more. For use in kitchen and bathroom. Use to clean and disinfect your household surfaces. Kills 99.9-percent germs and odor causing bacteria. Pre-moistened disposable wipes. Micro-Lock fibers. Not recommended for polished or bare wood surfaces. 7" x 8" sheet size.
Quickie 495 Dust Pan Quickie 98 Cobweb Duster Swiffer 44750 Cleaning Duster
Minimizes back strain. Snap locks for easy use and release.  Perfect for large clean-ups at the jobsite, home, garden or warehouse. Reinforced steel handle with ergonomically angled grip.  Pan swivels 90 degrees to hold debris in place while transporting. Dust screens, shutters, corners, air vents, behind furniture, and around plants. Handle reaches five feet. PVC bristles. Swiffer dusters combined with 3' extendable handle to allow cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Pivoting duster head adjusts and locks into 4 different positions for cleaning angled surfaces like ceiling fans, cabinet corners, and baseboards. Accepts refill No.41767 (SKU 471.5025). Includes 3 dusters and 1 extension handle.
PUMICE SCOURING STICK         WINDOW WASHER SQUEEGEE        Quickie 406 Feather Duster
Tackles hard to clean stains in the bath, kitchen, garage, and outdoors. Cleans ceramic tile, porcelain, masonry, concrete, and other hard surfaces removing deep stains caused by hard water lime scale, rust, and burnt foods. Use on porcelain sinks, tubs, and shower tile. Clean outdoor water features, pool, and spa. Great for cleaning grills, grates and porcelain barbecues. Stone size: 5.25? x 1.25? x .75?. Both a window washer and squeegee. The scrubber is extra sturdy and coarse; also with a cellulene sponge and rubber squeegee blade. 8" painted wood handle. Quality feathers. Plastic handle with convenient hang-up feature.
Unger 92150 Shower Squeegees Unger PPPP0 Paper Picker Pin Guardsman 462100 One-Wipe-Ultimate Duster Dust Cloths
For shower stalls, bathtubs, doors, tile, and grout. Easily removes water and soap scum. Width 10". Ideal for picking up paper, debris and cans. Made of lightweight steel. Replacement pin plugs (997.4619) are available. Designed to capture dust and reduce allergens. No sprays needed. Washable in luke-warm water and mild detergent for reuse. Safe for all surfaces including delicate household objects, fine furniture, glass mirrors, auto interiors, appliances, electronics, etc. Certified Asthma & Allergy friendly. Odorless treated cotton. Washable, reusable and odorless. Made in the USA
Clorox 01599 Twin Pack Wet Disinfecting Wipe Bleach-Free Quickie HomePro Professional Bottle Brush Clorox 1594 Wet Disinfecting Wipe
A quick and easy way to disinfect and clean household surfaces. The bleach-free formula cleans and kills 99.9-percent of the bacteria. The wipes can be used throughout the house, kitchen, and bathroom and disposed in trash after use. Long nylon fibers for extra reach into tight crevices and corners. Flat bottom trim design for cleaning bottles, glasses, jars, and pitchers. No-slip, comfort grip handle with hang-up feature. A quick and easy way to disinfect and clean household surfaces. The bleach-free formula cleans and kills 99.9-percent of the bacteria. The wipes can be used throughout the house, kitchen, and bathroom and disposed in trash after use.
Scott 75240 Painters Rag 3M 836R-56 Scotch Lint/Household Roller DISINFECTING WIPES LEMON 75CT
Works like cloth, cloth-like feel. Strong, absorbent, for wiping, scrubbing, stain/paint and household cleaning. Lint-free, absorbs coatings, paints, and stains. Re-usable, washable. White color. Keep clothes lint, fuzz and hair free. Use on pants, coats, sweaters, dresses, suits, formal wear and more. 56 sheets. Use (SKU) 3272739 for refill. Pre-moistened with cleaners and disinfectants. Use on most hard, non-porous surfaces throughout the house, at work or when traveling. Bleach free. 7" x 8" sheet size.
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