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World Wide Sourcing 24306 Faucet Coupling Nut World Wide Sourcing TW0918 Bath Flange World Wide Sourcing TW0912 Bath Flange
Fits 1/2'' iron pipe faucet shanks. 2 per bag. For iron pipe. For iron pipe.
Plumb Pak PP25519 Tailpiece Washers Plumb Pak PP20956 Slip Joint Nut Plumb Pak PP25535 Tailpiece Washer
Plumb Pak Tailpiece Washer, Beveled, 1-1/2 in, Polyethylene, For Plastic Drainage Systems Plumb Pak Slip Joint Nut, 1-1/4 in, Plastic, White, For Plastic Drainage Systems Plumb Pak Poly Washer, Beveled, 1-1/4 in, Polyethylene, For Plastic Drainage Systems
World Wide Sourcing 24467 Faucet Hole Cover World Wide Sourcing 24463 Drain Stoppers World Wide Sourcing PMB-086 Drain Tailpiece Washers
Covers unused spray or faucet hole. Watertight seal. White rubber. WORLDWIDE SOURCING Drain Tailpiece Washer, Polyethylene, 1-1/2 in ID
World Wide Sourcing PMB-169 Bath Flange Danco 30038E Faucet Bibb Seat Plumb Pak PP25515 Drain Tailpiece Washers
Worldwide Sourcing Bath Flange, Shallow, 1-1/4 in Connection, Chrome Repairs 31-111 thru 31-581 (new style), 35-010-420, 37-010 thru 37-120, 590-600, 592-602, 635-45, 703-04-05-07, 708-09-10, 709-709A, 711-24, 750-54, 758-62, 788-92, 1007A, 1010A Sink; 43-010-124, 49-110, 49-120, 49-220, 95R, 910A, lever handle 460, x-arm 461, washerless lavatory; single basin faucet; washerless kitchen; and 3195 laundry stems. 3/8"H x 9/16" top. 1/2"-20 thread. PK 2. Plumb Pak Drain Tailpiece Washer, 1-1/2 in, Polyethylene, For Plastic Drainage Systems
World Wide Sourcing PMB-146 Drain Guard Strainer Danco 80229 Cap Thread Gasket World Wide Sourcing PMB-089 Slip Joint Washer
Worldwide Sourcing Drain Guard Strainer, 3-Prong, Snap-In, 1-5/8 in, 1-5/8 in Overall Diameter This assortment contains 2 each of 6 different cap thread gaskets listed. No.35549, 35562, 35564, 35566, 35570 and 35574. Worldwide Sourcing Slip Joint Washer, 1-1/2 in Nominal, Rubber
World Wide Sourcing 24466 Faucet Hole Cover Plumb Pak PP25516 Slip Joint Washer Plumb Pak PP20290 Bath Flanges
Covers unused spray or faucet hole. Plumb Pak Slip Joint Washer, 1-1/4 in, Rubber, For Water Supplies Plumb Pak Bath Flange, Shallow, 3/8 in IPS, Chrome Plated, For Water Supplies
Plumb Pak PP20291 Bath Flange Danco 30027E Faucet Bibb Seat Danco 88573 Flat Faucet Washer
Plumb Pak Bath Flange, Tubular, 1/2 in IPS, Brass, Chrome Plated, For Water Supplies Repairs washerless conversion, 225, 240, 250, 260-70, 325-SA, 365, 385, 42-360, 42-380 sink; lever handle 42-250 sink and 43-410-430-973 lavatory; washerless conversion, 141, 143 (1952 only) or Lucite handle 43-410-430-973 lavatory; washerless conversion or old style (prior 1944), or 60, 80, 82, 100, 110, 112, 582, 642, 800, 802 (from 1944 to 1957), E4800 bath; and 53 laundry stems. 7/16"H x 11/16" top. Primarily used on quick-opening style faucets, allows full flow.
World Wide Sourcing PMB-095 Faucet Coupling Nuts Danco DL-4 Seat and Spring Set Danco DL-9 Faucet Repair Kit
Chrome plated. 1/2" iron pipe size. DL-4 contains: 2 old style springs and 2 rubber seats. For faucets manufactured prior to 1976. OEM Ref. #134. Includes 2 deluxe rubber seats and 2 conical springs. For faucets manufactured after 1976.
Danco 30019E Faucet Bibb Seat Danco 88570 Flat Faucet Washer World Wide Sourcing PMB-140 Bath/Wash Tub Strainer
Repairs lever or x-arm hospital fixtures; and lever or x-arm handle. Fits Aqua Seal units for hospital fixtures, sink, lavatory, and bath stems. 13/32"H x 9/16" top. 7/16"-27 thread. 2-Pk. Primarily used on quick-opening style faucets, allows full flow. WorldWide Sourcing Sink Strainer, 1 in Diameter
World Wide Sourcing PMB-134-3L Basket Strainer Washers Mintcraft A0013 Faucet O-Rings World Wide Sourcing PMB-124 Waste & Overflow Washer
Worldwide Sourcing Strainer Basket Washer, 3-1/2 in Dia, Rubber, For to Repair or Replacement Of Sink Strainers WORLDWIDE SOURCING Waste/Overflow Washer, Beveled Rubber
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