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Danco 30038E Faucet Bibb Seat Danco 35751B Faucet O-Ring Danco 35752B Faucet O-Ring
Repairs 31-111 thru 31-581 (new style), 35-010-420, 37-010 thru 37-120, 590-600, 592-602, 635-45, 703-04-05-07, 708-09-10, 709-709A, 711-24, 750-54, 758-62, 788-92, 1007A, 1010A Sink; 43-010-124, 49-110, 49-120, 49-220, 95R, 910A, lever handle 460, x-arm 461, washerless lavatory; single basin faucet; washerless kitchen; and 3195 laundry stems. 3/8"H x 9/16" top. 1/2"-20 thread. PK 2. #37 - Fits Crane. 1-7/8"OD x 1-11/16"ID x 3/32" wall. Individual UPC Bagged. #38 - Fits Nile, Peerless, Valley. 1-3/4"OD x 1-9/16"ID x 3/32" wall. Individual UPC Bagged.
Danco 12H-1H/C Faucet Stem Plumb Pak PP20290 Bath Flanges Plumb Pak PP20291 Bath Flange
Fits bath faucets 01-010 to 01-380 Contempera - Contessa. Stem comes complete with bonnet packings, friction rings, bibb washers & bibb screws. Uses seat No.30037. Plumb Pak Bath Flange, Shallow, 3/8 in IPS, Chrome Plated, For Water Supplies Plumb Pak Bath Flange, Tubular, 1/2 in IPS, Brass, Chrome Plated, For Water Supplies
Danco 80654 Faucet Handle Adapter Danco 1H-1C Faucet Stem Whedon DP60C Bathtub Strainer
Specially designed insert with unique three-point contact provides superior locking to all stems, regardless of size, configuration or damaged condition. Includes Allen wrench. Fits Sink faucets: 635-45, 1007A, Lavatory faucets 95R, Laundry faucets 3195. Stem comes complete with bonnet packings, friction rings, bibb washers & bibb screws. Uses seat No.30038. Stainless steel mesh bathtub strainer with chrome ring for bathtub drain. Fits all standard bathtub drains and most laundry tubs. Prevents hair, lint, etc from clogging drains. Easy to install and use.
PlumbPak PP820-36 Basket Strainer Danco 39684 Lavatory Rebuild Kit Danco 96774 Faucet O-Ring
2.5" diameter. Fits all standard lavatory sink strainers and garbage disposals. Easy to use, prevents clogged drains. Protects drains from clogging. Catches hair, lint, and other items. Environmentally friendly - reduces the need for harmful drain cleaning chemicals. Complete remodeling kit including 2 stems No.3Z-6H/C and 2 complete crystal handles. For sink and lavatory faucets. #60 - Fits:  Minneapolis-Honeywell Control. 1/4"OD x 1/8"ID x 1/16" wall.
DANCO 88271 Dual Threaded Screw-On Faucet Aerator Plumb Pak PP820-60 Drain Guard Strainer Danco 80743 Faucet Repair Kit
Rubber. Three prong style. Repair Kit contains: 1 cam packing, 1 cam, 2 rubber seats, 2 springs and 1 Celcon ball assembly for kitchen faucets (with and without washer); tub & shower faucets manufactured after April 1976 including Series 1130, 1230, 8710,; and washerless lavatory faucets.
Danco 96730 Faucet O-Ring Danco 35770B Faucet O-Ring Danco 3H-8H/C Faucet Stem
#13 - Fits:  American Standard, Cuthbert, Jameco, Kohler, Mueller, Mullins, Briggs, Republic, Dishmaster, Barnes, Schaible, Sears, Tracy, Central, American Kitchens, Gopher, Universal Rundle, Alamark. 7/8"OD x 11/16"ID x 3/32" wall. #56 - Fits Valley Single Lever, Jameco, Waltec. 1-1/2"OD x 1-3/8"ID x 1/16" wall. Individual UPC Bagged. Complete with bonnet packings, friction rings, bibb washers & bibb screws for washerless kitchen or lavatory fixtures. Uses No.30038 brass #39 or No.30239 stainless steel #39M bibb seat. Bagged.
Danco 9H-8H/C Faucet Stem Danco 1Z-6C Faucet Stem World Wide Sourcing TW0916 Po Plug Drain
Ceramic disc forPrice Pfister, Verve and Windsor bath faucets. Complete with bonnet packings, friction rings, bibb washers and screws for American Standard RE-NU fixtures with O-ring. Does not use a bibb seat. Two piece solid brass construction. Chrome finish with chain and stopper.
Danco 88197 Faucet Cartridges Danco 88822 Freestanding Portable Kitchen Strainer Danco 96722 Faucet O-Ring
Used on most popular kitchen & lavatory faucets manufactured after 1986. OEM Ref #'s VP1964 and VP1965. Mesh kitchen sink strainer is constructed of high-quality stainless steel. Mesh allows water to pass through while catching debris such as hair, jewelry, and small toys. Prevents clogged drains. #5 - Fits: Cuthbert, Sloan, Speakman, Waltec, Calco, Crane, Kohler, Drinking Fountain, Acme, Schaible, Tracy, Dishmaster. 3/8"OD x 1/4"ID x 1/16" wall.
Danco 86971 Faucet Repair Kit Kerox VLV 4000 Replacement Faucet Cartridge World Wide Sourcing 122043-3L Sink Basket Strainer Assembly
For Delta old-style & new-style faucets. Includes #212 stainless steel ball. Carded. Used in new Moen 1 handle kitchen and lavatory faucet. Made from ultra hard aluminum oxide. Stands up to severe temperature changes, water conditions, and supply line debris. Lifetime warranty. Stainless steel body and basket. Chrome plated knob. Rolled edge basket with stick post. Fits sinks with 3-1/2" to 4" opening.
Whedon DP80C Shower Strainer With Chrome Ring Moen 100429 Handle Adapter Kit Danco PP37H Faucet Handle
Stainless steel mesh shower strainer with chrome ring for shower stall drains. Fits all standard shower drains. Keeps hair, lint, etc out of drains. Replaces flat large hole strainers. Easy to clean. Bagged. For tub/shower faucets. Clear acrylic
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