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World Wide Sourcing 24306 Faucet Coupling Nut World Wide Sourcing TW0918 Bath Flange World Wide Sourcing TW0912 Bath Flange
Fits 1/2'' iron pipe faucet shanks. 2 per bag. For iron pipe. For iron pipe.
Plumb Pak PP25519 Tailpiece Washers Plumb Pak PP20956 Slip Joint Nut World Wide Sourcing 24467 Faucet Hole Cover
Plumb Pak Tailpiece Washer, Beveled, 1-1/2 in, Polyethylene, For Plastic Drainage Systems Plumb Pak Slip Joint Nut, 1-1/4 in, Plastic, White, For Plastic Drainage Systems Covers unused spray or faucet hole.
World Wide Sourcing 24463 Drain Stoppers Plumb Pak PP25535 Tailpiece Washer World Wide Sourcing PMB-086 Drain Tailpiece Washers
Watertight seal. White rubber. Plumb Pak Poly Washer, Beveled, 1-1/4 in, Polyethylene, For Plastic Drainage Systems WORLDWIDE SOURCING Drain Tailpiece Washer, Polyethylene, 1-1/2 in ID
World Wide Sourcing PMB-169 Bath Flange Danco 30038E Faucet Bibb Seat World Wide Sourcing PMB-146 Drain Guard Strainer
Worldwide Sourcing Bath Flange, Shallow, 1-1/4 in Connection, Chrome Repairs 31-111 thru 31-581 (new style), 35-010-420, 37-010 thru 37-120, 590-600, 592-602, 635-45, 703-04-05-07, 708-09-10, 709-709A, 711-24, 750-54, 758-62, 788-92, 1007A, 1010A Sink; 43-010-124, 49-110, 49-120, 49-220, 95R, 910A, lever handle 460, x-arm 461, washerless lavatory; single basin faucet; washerless kitchen; and 3195 laundry stems. 3/8"H x 9/16" top. 1/2"-20 thread. PK 2. Worldwide Sourcing Drain Guard Strainer, 3-Prong, Snap-In, 1-5/8 in, 1-5/8 in Overall Diameter
Danco 80229 Cap Thread Gasket Plumb Pak PP25515 Drain Tailpiece Washers World Wide Sourcing PMB-089 Slip Joint Washer
This assortment contains 2 each of 6 different cap thread gaskets listed. No.35549, 35562, 35564, 35566, 35570 and 35574. Plumb Pak Drain Tailpiece Washer, 1-1/2 in, Polyethylene, For Plastic Drainage Systems Worldwide Sourcing Slip Joint Washer, 1-1/2 in Nominal, Rubber
World Wide Sourcing 24466 Faucet Hole Cover Plumb Pak PP20290 Bath Flanges Plumb Pak PP20291 Bath Flange
Covers unused spray or faucet hole. Plumb Pak Bath Flange, Shallow, 3/8 in IPS, Chrome Plated, For Water Supplies Plumb Pak Bath Flange, Tubular, 1/2 in IPS, Brass, Chrome Plated, For Water Supplies
Danco 30027E Faucet Bibb Seat Danco 88573 Flat Faucet Washer World Wide Sourcing PMB-095 Faucet Coupling Nuts
Repairs washerless conversion, 225, 240, 250, 260-70, 325-SA, 365, 385, 42-360, 42-380 sink; lever handle 42-250 sink and 43-410-430-973 lavatory; washerless conversion, 141, 143 (1952 only) or Lucite handle 43-410-430-973 lavatory; washerless conversion or old style (prior 1944), or 60, 80, 82, 100, 110, 112, 582, 642, 800, 802 (from 1944 to 1957), E4800 bath; and 53 laundry stems. 7/16"H x 11/16" top. Primarily used on quick-opening style faucets, allows full flow. Chrome plated. 1/2" iron pipe size.
Danco DL-4 Seat and Spring Set Danco DL-9 Faucet Repair Kit Danco 30019E Faucet Bibb Seat
DL-4 contains: 2 old style springs and 2 rubber seats. For faucets manufactured prior to 1976. OEM Ref. #134. Includes 2 deluxe rubber seats and 2 conical springs. For faucets manufactured after 1976. Repairs lever or x-arm hospital fixtures; and lever or x-arm handle. Fits Aqua Seal units for hospital fixtures, sink, lavatory, and bath stems. 13/32"H x 9/16" top. 7/16"-27 thread. 2-Pk.
Danco 88570 Flat Faucet Washer World Wide Sourcing PMB-140 Bath/Wash Tub Strainer World Wide Sourcing PMB-134-3L Basket Strainer Washers
Primarily used on quick-opening style faucets, allows full flow. WorldWide Sourcing Sink Strainer, 1 in Diameter Worldwide Sourcing Strainer Basket Washer, 3-1/2 in Dia, Rubber, For to Repair or Replacement Of Sink Strainers
Mintcraft A0013 Faucet O-Rings World Wide Sourcing PMB-124 Waste & Overflow Washer World Wide Sourcing PMB-144 Bath/Wash Tub Strainer
WORLDWIDE SOURCING Waste/Overflow Washer, Beveled Rubber WorldWide Sourcing Bath Tub Strainer, 1-3/8 in Diameter
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