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3M Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler Homax 5506 Wall Patch Minwax 42853 Stainable Wood Filler
Use to repair, rebuild and restore rotted wood, windowsills, siding, cabinets and shutters. Can be carved, drilled, sanded, stained, varnished and painted. Dries in 30 min. No shrinking or cracking. Apply up to 1/2" per layer. Water-resistant. Repairs damaged walls and ceilings. Works in high traffic areas. Holds galvanized metal drywall patch during repair. Provides thermal barrier. Heavy duty, superior strength. Formulated to accept Minwax penetrating wood stains. Latex based, quick drying. Repairs cracks, gouges, nail holes, knot holes and other defects in all types of unfinished indoor and outdoor wood surfaces. Securely holds nails and screws. Resists shrinking and cracking.
ELMER'S Carpenter's Wood Filler Bondo/Dynatron 20122 Fiberglass Resin Drylok Fast Plug 00919 Hydraulic Cement
For repairing holes, dents, scratches, gouges and defects on any wood, wallboard, or moldin. Sandable and paintable. Resists shrinking and cracking. Water clean-up. Solvent free. Makes watertight durable repairs to small and large gaps, holes, cracks, splits, gouges, or seams in poles, sheds and play equipment. Use on fiberglass, metal or concrete structures. Use with SKU# 2505428. Fast-setting hydraulic cement. Stops the flow of water through cracks and holes in masonry surfaces. Mixes easily with water and sets in 3-5 minutes. Seals floor and wall joints and settlement cracks in masonry walls. Anchors metal to masonry. Each 10 lbs. will fill up to 160 cubic inches.
DAP DRYDex Ready-to-Use Spackling Compound Quikrete 8620-09 Mortar Mix Homax 6100 Ceiling Texture Scraper
Dry time color indicator verifies when patched surface is dry by turning white, helping to avoid premature sanding, painting or reapplication. Resists cracking and sands easily. Applied with standard caulking gun for tuck-pointing and sealing mortar joints in brick or block surfaces, and for repairing cracks in concrete or block walls. Square applicator tip designed for mortar joints. Removes unwanted or damaged "popcorn" or "cottage cheese" type ceiling texture without the mess. Works with plastic trash bag and threaded extension handle. Extension handle and plastic bags not included.
DAP 10100 Ready-to-Use Wallboard Joint Compound Adfors FibaTape FDW6619-U Drywall Joint Tape Color Putty 9716 Oil Based Custom Blending Kit
Drywall mud. For smooth, high quality finishing of gypsum panel joints, for embedding reinforcing tape, nailheads and metal corner beads. Cross fiber paper tape designed for use with joint compounds in reinforcing joints and corners in gypsum drywall interiors. Sixteen colors in jars. Color card and conversion chart included.
Loctite 1618172 Pl Professional Line Concrete/Masonry Sealant Adfors FibaTape FDW8654-U Drywall Joint Tape Dap 18370 Concrete Sealant
Provides a long-lasting bond to masonry. Weatherproof, maintains flexibility in extreme heat and freeze-thaw conditions. Paintable, sandable and stainable. Perfect for sealing cracks or gaps in concrete or masonry structures. Holds its grip in all types of weather. Looks like cured concrete. Seals out radon migration. Meets or exceeds Federal Specifications TT-S-00230C, Type II Class A; ASTM C-920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, use NT, M, and A. Can be used on butt-end joints. Eliminates blisters and bubbles. Fiberglass mesh resists mold and mildew. 33-percent thinner for flatter finish. An advanced concrete and masonry sealant specially formulated with innovative Kwik Dry Technology allowing it to be exposed to water after just three hours without washing out. Self-leveling formulation means no tooling is required. It is ideal for filling and sealing horizontal cracks & gaps in sidewalks, concrete driveways, above-ground foundations, patios, concrete steps, garage floors & other concrete surfaces. Low odor and low VOC content.
DAP 12132 Ready-to-Use Spackling Compound United Gilsonite ZAR Wood Patch GE GE5020 Concrete and Masonry Sealant
For household repairs and professional jobs. Resists cracking, sands easily, and spreads smoothly. All-purpose. Heavy-duty. Fills nail holes, repairs cracks, gouges, broken corners and chipped edges on wood surfaces. Accepts stain uniformly. May be sanded, sawed or drilled. GE Silicone 2+ Concrete 100% Silicone is a 100% waterproof and weatherproof sealant for both vertical and horizontal applications on concrete, mortar and stone. It applies to wet or dry surfaces, can be exposed to rain in as little as 30 minutes and cures in 24 hours. It is permanently flexible and will not shrink or crack when subject to ultraviolet rays or freezing temperatures. Adhere to porous materials such as brick and mortar.
US Gypsum 385236048 USG Sheetrock Joint Compound Custom Building CP1 Levelquik Floor Leveler Hyde Tools Wet & Set Wall and Ceiling Repair Patch
Drywall mud. For fast, easy, and smooth joint finishing. Minimal mixing, thinning, retempering. Smooth application, long-lasting performance. Non-asbestos. Vinyl-based formula offers excellent slip and bond and easy workability. Low-shrinkage, easily applied and sanded. Recommended for second and third coats over sheetrock taping and all-purpose compounds, ready-mixed. For hand-applying simple textures in some areas. Insufficient bond strength for embedding tape or filling metal beads and trim. Hand or mechanical application. Meets ASTM C475. Prepares surfaces for the application of self-leveling underlayment's. Seals porous surfaces and improves the bond of underlayment's. MoldGard technology resist mold and mildew growth. White color. Covers 300-500 sq ft (28-46.4 sq m) per gallon. Drying time up to 2 hours. Soap and water clean up. Patch, reinforce, remodel, and repair drywall, plaster, stucco, painted wood, ceilings, walls, etc. Cover holes, cracks or imperfections on flat or curved surfaces, textured and uneven areas. Strong adhesion prevents delamination and shifting. Ready to paint the same day. Self-merchandising counter display shelf pack. Not recommended for holes larger than 7" x 7" without sheetrock.
ELMER'S Carpenter's Stainable Wood Filler ClarkDietrich 103 Deluxe Corner Bead Quikrete 1133-11 Polymer Modified Vinyl Concrete Patcher
Contains real wood fiber for staining, sanding and painting. Firmly holds screws and anchors. Resists shrinking and cracking. Easy water clean-up. Solvent free. Provides durable, straight and crisp, clean 90-degree outside finished drywall corners. Electrogalvanized coating. Strong metal reinforcement for drywall corners. Galvanized for corrosion protection. Exposed nose of the bead resists impact and forms a screed for finishing. Nailed, stapled, screwed or clinched into place. Flanges are deeply knurled and perforated. Size: 1-1/4 x 1-1/4. Repair material with strong adhesive properties used for making smooth repairs to cracked or chipped concrete floors, sidewalks or steps. Blend of exterior grade vinyl resin, fine sand and portland cement. Add water to activate. Trowels to a feather edge of 1/16".
Kwikwood 8257 Wood Repair Epoxy Putty DAP 53 Painters Putty DAP 33 Ready-to-Use Glazing Compound
Use to repair and rebuild dry rot and knotholes, window and door frames, screw holes, insect damage, furniture and carvings, handles and knobs. Paintable in 1 hour. Does not shrink or crack. Sets in 15-25 minutes. Can be sanded, drilled and tapped. Easy-working putty ideal for glazing wood sash or filling nail holes and cracks in interior/exterior surfaces. Resists oil bleeding. Paintable. For glazing wood and metal sash. Smooth and ready mixed. Weather-resistant. Seals windows airtight and watertight. Resists cracking and chalking. Outlasts ordinary putty.
DAP 12130 Ready-to-Use Vinyl Spackling Red Devil Crack Patch Acrylic Spackling Homax 4096-06-06 Wall Texture
For household repairs and professional jobs. Resists cracking, sands easily, and spreads smoothly. All-purpose. Heavy-duty. For filling dents, holes and cracks in various surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, stucco, brick and stone. Sandable when fully cured. Paintable. Off-white. Goes on blue for high visibility and pattern reproduction. Dries white when ready to paint. Water-based orange peel formula. Matches multiple patterns. Low odor. Adjustable nozzle applies fine to heavy textures. Dries in 30 minutes. Covers 90 sq. ft.
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