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Lufkin Pro Open Reel Measuring Tape Lufkin L625/L525 One Side Measuring Tape Johnson Structo Cast Rafter Angle Square
Interchangeable end hooks for user convenience. Ring end hook snaps onto stake for one person measurements, standard folding end hook for general measuring needs, appraiser's hook attaches to oversized objects such as downspouts. Cushion grips on handle and frame arms for comfort, 3-to-1 rewind for fast blade retraction, 2-sided blade, feet and inches on top, feet to 10ths and 100ths on bottom; 62 fiberglass strands and double-pvc coating for durability and strength. Lightweight, contour grip, Hi-Viz orange case is easy to find and fits comfortably in hand. Slide lock design allows for easy control of tape blade, wide base helps keep tape standing upright, removable belt clip and easy-to-read yellow clad blade (not replaceable). Durable, lightweight "Structo-Cast" high-impact molded frame; permanent molded graduations for quick and easy measurements; thick edge is useful as a saw guide. Fluorescent orange color is easy to see.
Stanley 42-470 I-Beam Level Lufkin 700 Measuring Tape LeverLock 33-281 Measuring Tape
Durable, shock-resistant ABS construction. Top read center vial designed for instant readability. Measuring scale adds utility. Non marring material will not damage finished surfaces. High visibility yellow is easy to spot on the job site. Magnetic end hook is a time-saver for framers, HVAC installers, and more. Powerful dual magnets can also serve as a pick-up tool. Orange with a non-slip, co-molded rubber grip, ABS case stands up to the toughest work site. Non-slip rubber blade lock button. Use for one-man measurements of steel framing and drop ceiling grids. Durable bi-material case with belt clip. Self locking blade with fractional read blade graphics, magnetic end hook and Tru-Zero hook for accuracy.
Empire Magnum 2990 Rafter Square Stabila 37459 Type 196 Spirit Level With Hand Holes 59 in L Empire 36 Magnetic Protractor
Solid heavy duty aluminum extruded square will not bend, break, rust or corrode, stamped conversion tables and thick edge makes for a safer saw guide. Crystal clear vials readable in any direction with no change in accuracy tolerance with spring steel hairline indicators in vials. Best frame strength-to-weight ratio. Removable endcaps for scribing in corners and for reading tight header and sill openings. Rubber endcaps grip walls and do not leave marks. Metal Hang hole for storing level on site and large comfortable rubber hand holes. Magnetic base and back. Easy reading dial with adjustable angle pointer. Built-in angle pitch calculator on back.
Powerlock 33-525 Measuring Tape Empire Level 845-48  Box Beam Levels DeWalt SF100 Stud Finder
Metallic ABS case has a wear plate that protects case from cuts and nicks. BladeArmor coating on the first 6" maximizes durability of hook end, Mylar polyester film extends life of entire blade and improves measurement visibility. Forward blade lock design simplifies locking and unlocking the blade, wide blade for easy readability. Three-rivet, corrosion-resistant hook moves for accurate inside/outside measurements, 16" and 19.2" stud center markings simplify framing jobs, 8' tape standout. Heavy-duty ribbed frame with milled working edges. Durable easy to clean surface. Solid block acrylic vials will not leak, 300 degree top read vial. Oversized, contoured hand holes. Protective rubberized endcaps protect the frame. Detects wood studs up to 3/4" thick. Sensor lights and beeps when stud is detected.  Powered by 2 AA Alkaline batteries [included].
Road Runner Professional Large Measuring Wheel Apron 189DRS3 Yardstick Empire E255 Pocket Combination Square
Heavy duty, polycast wheel with clean three-spoke design, kickstand and safety reflector, 5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter measures 9,999 feet, 11 inches and 3-piece, pistol grip handle. The twist locks have been replaced with quick-snap cam locks. Handle telescopes down to a more compact 23 inches for easy transport and storage. Black printed scale on both sides. Precision machined head and true bluevials ensure squareness to .001. Etched stainless steel blade with inch graduations. Machined square head self-aligning drawbolt and a hardened scriber.
General Tools 837 Contour Gauge With Pins DeWalt DWHT34201 Measuring Tape FatMax 33-740 Measuring Tape
Ultra thin fingers measure profiles up to 3-1/2" deep. Includes rule marking on body with inch graduations and stainless steel pins. Used for precise woodworking, installation tile floors or linoleum. Automatic blade retraction saves time by eliminating manual rewind; rust-resistant coating prolongs blade life; metal case for heavy-duty use; blade-lock securely holds blade in position; spring loaded carabineer attachment for easy transportation. Cushion grip provides comfortable, slip resistant hold. Self retracting tape rule with the length of a long tape and the versatility of a spring retractable hand tape. Mylar polyester film extends life of the entire blade, top-forward blade lock, wide blade for easy readability, 11? tape standout.
Zircon International 63102 Deep Stud Sensor CST Manual Square Laser Level Lufkin PQR1425 Measuring Tape
Locates wood, metal studs and joists behind walls, floors, and ceilings. The SpotLite Pointing System shines a beam of light on the wall to identify the target, and WireWarning detection indicates live AC voltage. Tough, ergonomic housing withstands everyday jobsite use. TruCal technology calibrates to any wall's density. Includes 9" Torpedo level. Projects horizontal and vertical laser chalk Line on surfaces in applications such as floors, tiles, paneling, wall fixtures, wallpapering, stencilling, wainscoting, finish carpentry, outlet switches, lighting fixtures, wall studs, partitions. Alignment guide for 90 degree layout helps you calculate and turn angles in 5 degree increments. Simple one button operation powers two perpendicular laser lines (90 degrees) on and off. Easy to press push button secures unit to smooth surfaces using non-abrasive adhesive. Specs: two (2) bubble vials for leveling and aligning laser tool. Includes: (1 set) adhesive mounting strips Graduations printed in fractions and decimal equivalents. Rounded blue ABS case fits your hand for comfort and withstands rugged use on the job site. Positive toggle lock holds blade securely at any length. Self-compensating end hook for inside and outside measurements. Built in bumper reduces shock when blade is retracted.
Structo Cast 7500 Torpedo Level Lufkin 2000 Measuring Tape Road Runner Professional Distance Measuring Wheel
High impact frame is non-conductive and non-corrosive with V-groove edge fits on pipe and conduit. Magnetic edge holds to ferrous metal surfaces (model 7500M). High visibility on job site (models 7500-ORANGE). Case designed to fit perfectly in the hand. Lightweight, high strength chrome finished case; fits easily into most tape holsters with removable belt clip. Bright yellow blade has clear easy-to-read numerals. Toggle lock positioned for convenient operation, holds blade securely, cushioned blade return. Spoked wheel with centerline functionality; no off set anything, great balance. Rugged 3/4" steel tubing. Durable 3/8" rubber on the wheel preserves the integrity of the wheel's shape. Time-tested and proven counters. Two moving parts (reset and ticker), unit of measure is feet. Compact fold down that reduces to 1/2 its size. Barrel clamp and handle clasp make storage easy.
Warp Brothers RSF Safety Flags Johnson J48 Straight Edge Measuring Rule Johnson RAS-1B Professional Rafter Square
Heavy duty red signal flags. Bright red 2 mil. flag for oversize loads; tie to end of loads for warning. 18" x 18" flags tear from roll in convenient dispenser box. Made of flexible and strong tempered aluminum with a permanently anodized finish. Screen printed black, thermal-bonded graduations in 1/8 and 1/16" on both edges and can be read from either end. Features a solid aluminum cast body with exclusive CNC machined edges, permanent molded gradations, and a low-glare, protective coat finish; thick edge is useful as a saw guide; continuous scribing notches ideal for ripping at 3-1/2" and 5-1/2". Can also be used as a ruler or can be used to measure angles. The diagonal edge has markings for laying out rafters, roof trim, and stair angles.
Johnson Structo Cast B75 Sliding T-Bevel Johnson 405 Square Stair Gauge CST 06-816 Telescoping Leveling Rod Rectangular
For locating and transferring any angle from 0 degree to 360 degrees. Heavy duty adjustable stainless steel blade will not rust or corrode, a recessed grip in the handle. Easy-to-use wing nut for positive blade lock. Heavy duty brass flush mounted thumbscrews. Used for repeat angle cuts for stairs and rafters. Attaches to all standard framing and carpenter squares. Telescoping leveling rod with reliable and wear-resistant polycarbonate buttons that lock each section. Made of a light and durable aluminum alloy. The anodized sections are imprinted with weather resistant and corrosion resistant inks. Tight tolerances on extruded aluminum sections. Easy-to-read graduations and a special measuring scale on the backside permit users to read height at eye level.
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